Electron microscopy

Electron microscopy has contributed in all scientific fields including biology and medicine. Studies using a scanning electron microscope (TEM) and transmission electron microscope (SEM) will continu to develop further.




We support microscopy

EMTS supports all areas of research using electron microscope (EM).


EMTS は、電子顕微鏡学のあらゆる分野をサポートします。


・Advice on introducing an EM

・General advice on EM techniques

・Advice on science education

・Volunteer activities in Japan and abroad

・Please contact us.


EM Techno Laboratory

Morphology is an important tool in advancing the field of biomedical research. EMTS has experience in this field for many years, we hope to contribute in this area.


We have EM Techno Laboratory in Gifu-City and also have Facebook page.

Please check our page for more info.


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